Executive Director's Welcome

A bridge is one of the world’s most important structures because it is designed to bring things together—land, roads, and people. As Christians, God has given us the awesome privilege to serve Him as bridge builders for Christ.

A bridge builder is anyone who has made a serious commitment to engage people from different backgrounds, challenges, experiences and beliefs, and to make Christianity relevant to all.

We need only look to Christ’s ministry as the model for overcoming isolation and answering God’s call to “dwell together in unity.” Oh, to show the world what God will do when His people come together on one accord!

If you pastor a church or head a Christian ministry, I invite your church or ministry to join us in building bridges that connect us to one another and to those we seek to serve.

Together, we can construct better bridges to more effectively communicate God’s liberating message of hope and impact the Washington area, the region, and the world for Jesus Christ.

In His Service,

Reverend Harold Brinkley
Executive Director
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