June 2014


Regent Bridges I Recap: Encountering God

How do Christians and the church bring true revival and spiritual renewal? That was the major question to be answered during the April 28, 2014, Regent Bridges Seminar, “Encountering God: For Personal, Church & Social Transformation.” But everyone quickly found out that there are no set rules to ascribe to this question.

From the opening prayer, there was a sense in the room that the Lord was about to do something special in the hearts and minds of all who were present. “That prayer gave me a peace about the day,” said the presenter, Dr. Amos Yong, the Dean of the School of Divinity at Regent University.

God used one of the participants to set the atmosphere through a fervent prayer that brought forth a sweet worship and disrupted our “man-made” program. The glory of the Lord fell in the room as participants cried out to God with outstretched arms.

By the time Dr. Yong rose to speak, it was clear that this seminar was clearly under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Dr. Yong said that his original plan was to discuss three distinct areas of transformation by looking at the hearts of believers, the church, and society. However, after that opening, Dr. Yong noted that he would only discuss what the Holy Spirit allowed …which turned out to be a focus on setting the atmosphere for personal revival and renewal.

Dr. Yong took the participants on a journey through the books of Luke and Acts by highlighting several of the recorded encounters with the Holy Spirit – beginning with Jesus’ miraculous conception to John the Baptist’s spirit-filled ministry to Jesus’ anointed ministry.

Through these examples, we learned:

  • Revival cannot be engineered, it can only come through the Holy Spirit;
  • The Holy Spirit is the power of the Most High God;
  • Being filled with the Holy Spirit is not for you, but to edify someone else;
  • Through the Holy Spirit, God is renewing & restoring (bringing some things back, while doing something new at the same time);
  • Revival and renewal are not just about spiritual things, but also addressing temporal needs. We have to touch real people, who have real needs and real lives.

We were challenged to understand that God will not send revival just to please the “saints.” There is greater purpose behind revival and renewal. According to Dr. Yong, as Christians we must seek to achieve the holiness of God because His holiness restructures the powers of this world. 

During the discussion, Dr. Yong made it clear that there was no mistake about where each person lived, and the political, economic, and social constraints that are being faced today. “There is significance from where we are placed,” said Dr. Yong. “This may be an opportunity for God to move.”

Dr. Yong shared that God is looking for some people who are ready to “turn the world upside down,” as described in Acts 17:6. “I’m eager to see how people will take this teaching in all types of directions to accomplish God’s will,” said Dr. Yong. “There are no set prescriptions, but I am optimistic that people will respond obediently, which provides an atmosphere for all types of things to happen.”

Personal revival and renewal must come first, and then we can affect change in the church and broader society. We must seek the Lord with an open and willing heart to do, and go, and say what He commands to accomplish His will. So now we ask, “Come Holy Spirit!”

Marking a Milestone

While the sun was shining brightly on Saturday, May 17, 2014, there was nothing that could outdo the beaming smiles of the 100 graduates who received their diplomas from Lancaster Bible College|Capital Seminary and Graduate School.

Seven of the graduates are a part of the Project Bridges network, and they were able to utilize the tuition discount offered through our partnership with Lancaster Bible College |Capital Seminary and Graduate School. We congratulate all of them for achieving this major milestone in their lives!

2014 LBC graduatesThe seven Bridges graduates are:

  1. Zebulon Clayton
    Bachelor of Science in Bible
    Galilee Baptist Church
  2. Sharon Cooper
    Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
    City of Zion Church
  3. Pecola Davis
    Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
    First Baptist Church of Glenarden
  4. Allison Jones
    Bachelor of Science in Bible
    Grace Bible Church
  5. Shardell Murray
    Master of Arts in Christian Counseling & Discipleship
    First Baptist Church of Glenarden
  6. Richard Roberts
    Master of Divinity
    Cherrydale Baptist Church
  7. Fadinel Tremont
    Master of Divinity
    Holiness Church of God of Bethlehem

The commencement ceremony and a special graduate luncheon were held on the same day at Reid Temple AME Church in Glenn Dale, Maryland. Marking another milestone, the school’s commencement was live-streamed for the first time through Reid Temple’s online capabilities. Many of the graduates had family members and friends who could not physically be there, but they were able to tune in via the Internet. 

The commencement speaker was Dr. Gary Bredfeldt, Dean of the Capital Seminary and Graduate School who addressed the topic “To God be the Glory.” We thank God for the timely word that was shared.

To the graduates, we leave you with this Scripture from 1 Corinthians 2:9 – “But as it is written: ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.’”

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